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de·cep·tive  /dəˈseptiv/   adjective   giving an appearance or impression different from the true one; misleading.

trust·wor·thi·ness  /ˈtrəs(t)ˌwərT͟Hēnəs/   noun   the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful.

There is an ongoing debate in the trucking industry about who offers the best driver jobs…big, National trucking companies or smaller, family-owned trucking companies. The answer lies with the individual driver and what their goals are. B&C Chandler Trucking was started and currently owned by a driver. Curtis Chandler has been driving for almost 40 years and understands the challenges and concerns of today’s modern driver. We don’t pay the most nor do we have the newest equipment compared to the big claims the National companies make in their marketing and recruitment pitches. We believe much of that advertising is deceptive and one of the many things we offer is trustworthiness, even when it is not to our advantage in the short-term. We hold on to that value, however, because it is the long-term stability that we strive for which goes to another one of our values…offering a stable position for our employees that puts an emphasis on two-way trust and open communication. We offer reliability with both what we say and our highly maintained equipment. When you become part of our family, that is how you can expect to be treated. Honestly. With transparency. And with a sensitivity to your personal needs and goals.

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