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We make applying for a job as easy as possible. We don’t have high-pressure recruiters. In fact, we don’t have any recruiters at all, just a core group of people who have other responsibilities within the company that includes hiring drivers. That means if you come to work for us, you will likely be talking every day to the person who hired you.

Ultimately, if you join our Team there are legal requirements for forms that need to be completed, but you shouldn’t have to waste your time completing those forms until you are sure you want to come to work for us. Our first two steps are to talk with you about our program and see if it is aligned with your goals and priorities, and to get approval from our insurance carrier using the information found in the short form below. These first two steps often occur at the same time.

Once you agree to come to work for us we will arrange for you to have a pre-employment drug test as required by the DOT. This can usually be arranged at a facility close to your home and the results typically take 48 hours to get back. Once a negative drug test is recorded, we will make arrangements for a drive test and your paid orientation that includes filling out all the required forms (if you want to start filling them out early, you can get them on the ADDITIONAL FORMS tab), safety training, procedural training, and answers to any questions you may have. Typically, orientations takes less than a full day.

Pre-approval Information:

Thank you! We’ll be in touch, but feel free to call us at 559.674.7181!

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