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Insightful -   in·sight·ful   /inˈsītfəl,ˈinsītfəl/  adjective  having or showing an accurate and deep understanding; perceptive.

Curtis and his wife, Sheila, are co-owners of B&C Chandler Trucking. Curtis has been a driver for close to 40 years. He attributes his quick wit to years of CB bantering during the beginnings of his driving career. Curtis is “old school” trucking where you help another driver in need, even if it inconveniences you along the way. He also believes that drivers should try to solve their own navigation and mechanical problems first, before calling your dispatcher. He is an excellent teacher, manager, and owner where he gives his employees guidance but allows them to attack their day’s work, whether it is in the truck or in an office, in their own way without micromanaging them. This allows them to make their own mistakes and learn from them.

Curtis is a joker who wants to have a work environment that is fun. He will say one of his greatest accomplishments is providing a living for his employees while enjoying a very modest lifestyle for his own family. He is kindhearted in a very unassuming way. He is tolerant of differing points of view, but be prepared to be challenged if you choose to engage in a topic. Curtis loves hockey and approaches life with the same attitude he has on the ice that says if you oppose me on the ice, I will throw everything at you, and I will expect no less from his you, but afterwards, let’s go have a beer together.

Curtis is a credit to the trucking industry albeit behind the scenes. He is a credit to the human race. He is an example of the best of our industry, and you couldn’t find a better individual to be a model for our drivers of the future.


Deligent - dil·i·gent   /ˈdiləjənt/   adjective   having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties.

Being a trucker is not an easy job, and being a trucker’s wife isn’t either, but Sheila has embraced the role like no other. As her husband was “paying his dues” gaining experience as a company driver for a private fleet early in his career that took him away from home for many days on end, Sheila held down the fort at home and raised their two sons like so many driver’s spouses do every day. Sheila supported Curtis as they took the risk of starting their own company. One truck became two, then two trucks became four, and as the fleet grew Sheila left her job to run the back office totally by herself. She was the dispatcher, the salesperson, the fleet manager, the human resource manager, and the accountant. Today, she mostly focuses on the accounting and financial end of the company to keep the company fiscally healthy.


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Resourceful - re·source·ful   /rəˈsôrsfəl/   adjective   having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. 

Peter has been friends with Sheila and Curtis for almost four decades starting when Curtis was establishing himself as a driver. In fact, Peter and Sheila use to work together for a cattle feed manufacturer before Sheila left to run the trucking business. It took another decade, but Peter eventually followed Sheila and joined the company about 20 years ago. He describes himself as a “jack of all trades and master of none”, and has been involved with all aspects of the company. Several years ago he gave Sheila and Curtis a year’s notice telling them he wanted to spend time helping his wife and two youngest daughters develop their businesses. When you have a passion for the trucking industry and a dedication to those you work with, it isn’t that easy to leave, however, and today he is still with us albeit “only” three to four days a week.


Stratigical - stra·te·gic   /strəˈtējik/   adjective   relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.

Andrew is not your typical trucking company employee, but he fits in amazedly well while adding a fresh perspective to the business. He came to work for B&C Chandler Trucking in 2016 primarily as a Dispatcher but has grown by fulfilling the roles of scheduler, sales, driver manager, and guru of all things related to technology in the office.  He understands that each driver has their own personal skill set and works hard to set each driver up for success with each dispatch. By day he is passionate about trucking, by night he is the drummer for the up-and-coming local band, Beyond California which plays their unique style of music (it ain’t Country and Western) at local venues. Rumor has it that with whatever free time is left, he enjoys late night gaming along with an appreciation for how history can guide us when we are open to learning it.


Tactician -  tac·ti·cian    /takˈtiSH(ə)n/    noun   a person who uses a carefully planned strategy to achieve a specific end. 

Did someone say football? If so, Nick is sure to make his presence known both as a past player and superfan. Especially after this last season when is was the grand winner of the Fantasy Football League that Curtis and Andrew are also a part of. The perpetual trophy sits on his desk and for the first several weeks after winning the League he wore the Championship Title Belt everywhere he went. Everywhere! When he isn’t consumed with football, he is focused on taking care of our speciality drivers, processing loads for invoicing, and making sure our fleet of trucks and 80+ dry van and flatbed trailers are accounted for and up-to-date on their preventative maintenance and inspections. How does Nick like to describe himself? “I am a handsome, mechanically savvy, gun blazing America lovin” nice guy. Well, maybe he didn’t say “nice guy”. But he really is.


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