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About B&C Chandler Trucking

Sustainable - sus·tain·a·ble   /səˈstānəb(ə)l/   adjective   able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.


The trucking industry is tough. Many financial advisors advise against anyone buying a commercial truck and especially owning a fleet of them. If you can grow into a sustainable company, however, there are also many rewards. It helps if you have the passion and grit for trucking that Curtis Chandler has.


Over 20 years ago Curtis decided to leave his comfortable job working as a Class A driver for a private fleet and buy his own truck to become an independent owner-operator. One truck quickly expanded to several trucks and in a few short years he and his wife, Sheila, were operating and managing a medium-sized fleet of trucks and trailers. Rather than focus on getting big, they focused on getting better at what they did so they could serve customers who had special or unusual circumstances and needs. While doing this, they created a culture of caring for their employees both in the office and in the trucks that includes providing a stable and reliable income within a positive work environment.


Our Business Model

Dynamic -  dy·nam·ic   /dīˈnamik/   adjective   characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

Play hard.

Work hard.

Adapt to the changing needs of Shippers.

Be always respectful in our interactions with others.

Make business decisions for the good of everyone over the long haul.

Be frugal when you can, but don’t skimp on things that are mission critical.

Our priorities are Be Safe, Be Legal, and Meet Customer Expectations in that order.  

Tell it all, tell it early, and tell it yourself.

Family matters…everyone’s.

Attitude reflects leadership.

Work smart.

Play smart.



And have fun!

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